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Making Sense of Nonsense

A lesson about making sense of nonsense.

I had the opportunity (about a month ago) to share my story and engage in STEM outreach at the St. Mark's School of Texas annual STEM conference!

I am always in awe when I watch how God continues to expand my reach. For example, I was chosen as a speaker because of my twitter page! This is the second time that’s happened. However, I was only one of four speakers and the rest of them were people adorned with PhDs and incredible accomplishments in their respective fields. I also learned (when I got there) it was a private all-boys school! A very good school might I add, they had a maker space that could probably compete with GTs!

Like what in the world would they want to hear from me? On a surface level, I am probably not that relatable to them. Nor do I have my PhD (YET) or any super notable technical accomplishments (YET). And yet, here I am.

When I looked at the audience and other speakers I felt really out of place. I had to quickly remind myself: “God didn’t place you here for no reason. Even if it’s just one person you’re supposed to inspire/encourage, if you do that, you were successful”.

The entire conference was great, the students are brilliant and were very engaging during my talks (I had 4 that day!). I was very grateful for their hospitality.

But a huge lesson was cemented in my head because of it and that lesson is: God qualifies who He calls. You will end up places that may not make a lot sense (positive and negative) but no matter what, if God placed you there, He’s given you every single tool you need to get through it.

To me, this lesson is applicable to everything from a job you’re not qualified for to being in the middle of a pandemic and your life being totally flipped upside down.

You have everything you need to succeed.

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