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Updated: May 4, 2020

I love sharing my passion of rocketry and space with the next generation of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) professionals Outreach can definitely be a draining activity when you already feel burnt out but I have always left an outreach event feeling more energized than when I arrived. The next generation is full of brilliant world-changers and its a pleasure that I’ve had the opportunity to sow into a few of them.

My drive to engage in space exploration has never been for the pure satisfaction of calling myself an astronaut someday. It’s to be on the frontlines of the evolution of our species. Evolution of humanity will require that the spirit of space exploration be one of unity, and progress. That’s not achievable if we don’t transfer our knowledge and invest in the next generation.

As we continue to push the limits of space travel, it’s imperative that every facet of humanity be represented at the tables where the decisions are being made.

Because space belongs to all of us.

With that, I hope our Space/STEAM outreach efforts reflect that imperative. I hope that those currently in the industry lend themselves to the inspiration of the kids they might inspire. You never know who needs to hear your voice. You never know who sees themselves in you.

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