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I am an Aerospace Engineering PhD Student, NASA Space Technology Graduate Research Fellow and GEM Fellow at the Georgia Institute of Technology. I am a member of the High-Power Electric Propulsion Lab. I obtained my B.S in Aerospace Engineering with special concentration in Astronautics and a minor in Computational Mathematics Engineering at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. I am also a NASA Pathways intern in the Science and Space Technology Systems branch at Glenn Research Center. My goal is to become a mission specialist astronaut and participate and contribute to deep space exploration.



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The purpose of this site is to give extensive background on my professional and academic journey through aerospace engineering. Here you can find my educational and research background, peak at a few of the awards I've had the honor of winning, read about my story through some articles, follow along my journey through my blog and ask some questions about my journey!

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As I continue to develop as a science communicator, I realize the tools that are required to make it worthwhile, and often they are not cheap. While I enjoy doing STE(A)M outreach, speaking events, and dedicating time to personally mentor, it does take a toll financially and on my schedule as a graduate student. I have a goal of making this website a hub for educational resources, and a place to follow and learn from my personal journey. If you would like to support financially, see below.

Hall-Effect Thruster Overview
Model Rocketry Overview
CubeSat Mini Series
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As I grow more as a science communicator, I look for opportunities to improve my writing skills. The articles featured here are written by me and published on various platforms. Enjoy!


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Hall-Effect Thruster Overview

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